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AC/DC voltage in single-phase/three-phase systems Max 1000V
AC/DC current in single-phase/three-phase systems Max 3000A
Cosphi, Power Factor  
Voltage unbalance (NEG%, ZERO%)  
Active, reactive, apparent power/energy and DC power  
Voltage and current harmonics up to the 49th with THD In real time up to 64th
Voltage anomalies (dips, peaks) with a resolution of 10ms (@ 50Hz)  
Electric motor starting current (INRUSH)  
Voltage flickers (Pst, Plt)  
Full analysis EN50160  
Phase sequence  
Neutral-Ground Voltage  
Neutral current  
Max number of simultaneously selectable parameters 251
Recording with selectable integration period 1s-60m
Indicative memory duration (in days @ PI=10min @ max number of parameters) 90 days
Indication of recording duration  
Internal memory capacity 15MB
External compact flash card Optional
Default and custom recordings  
Saving instant sampled values  
Summary table of main electric parameters  
Voltage/current waveforms  
Tables or histograms of Harmonics and THD% In real time up to 64th
Voltage/current vector diagram  
Measurement category CAT IV 600V
Measurement with use of external TA and TV (with optional accessory HT903)  
Touchscreen colour display  
Power supply and rechargeable battery recharging  
Auto power off  
USB port for data download onto Pen Drive