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The C.A 6160 is a powerful portable instrument for complete certification testing of a broad range of electrical appliances and equipment: dielectric test, continuity, voltage drop, insulation resistance, leakage current, discharge time and functional testing.

  • dielectric test: standard measurement modes (Un from 100 to 5,000V with Ilim 500mA) and programmed modes (t1, t2, t3, U1, U2)
  • continuity: up to 100 Ω with 0.1 < Itest < 25 A
  • voltage drop: up to 100V (Itest > 10 A)
  • insulation resistance: up to 1 GΩ at 250/500 VDC and 1,000 VDC
  • measurement of internal and external discharge time (at the socket)
  • leakage current: operating and residual up to 20 mA, contact up to 2 mA
  • functional testing: voltage, current, frequency and power
  • AUTOTEST function for automatic execution of measurement sequence (up to 50)
  • large memory: 1,600 measurements
  • software to upload the stored data, generate test reports and program measurement sequences
  • delivered with all necessary measurement cables as standard and many optional accessories
  • dimensions: 410 x 175 x 370 mm - weight: 13.5 kg

The following optional accessories are also available for this instrument:

The PC SOFTWARE is the ideal tool for use with the C.A 6160 to:

  • download data stored in the C.A 6160 multitester
  • reate measurement reports
  • program AUTOTEST sequences

The REMOTE CONTROL PEDAL frees the users hands and provides the On/Off functions for testing and storage of the result (double pedal)

The INDICATOR LIGHTS: during dielectric tests,
this unit remotely indicates any potential or actual danger (red or green lights). This ensures even greater safety for people close to the test location.

The HIGH-VOLTAGE GUNS: two dielectric test guns equipped with a cable 6 m long are also available. They allow tests to be carried out at a greater distance than with standard guns (2 m).